Pre-Departure Orientation

Overseas Recruitment

Pre Departure Orientations are very important for people who will be sent for the international assignment . To make sure people is already compatible with the company objectives . If it is run well then it will reduce the probability of early return of the expatriates and also keep the employee mindset true ( for assignment not for vacation ). Pre Departure Training will conducted by QED to train the people who  will been  sent to the different country  and make sure they can adjust  with the new environment and perform well.

Pre Departure Training will conducted in the frameworks of cultural awareness ( in daily life and work life ), but the other factors also will be includes to support their performance .

Pre-departure orientation programs have emerged as an important tool for the protection of migrant workers

The programs serve to inform migrants in order to ease their transitions into destination countries and empower them to take full advantage of employment abroad. It includes information pertaining to the specific country for which he is recruited like, country’s culture and society, dos and don’ts etc. Also, the worker is informed about his rights as laid out in the employment contract alongside the right of the employer on him/her.


The main objectives of this pre departure training is to make the employee feels comfortable stay in foreign country and to avoid or at least minimize the culture shock , to enable the employee to handle his/her obstacle and challenges . To help expatriates adapt with communication practice and leadership style in host country. That’s why this pre departure training has been created for providing the employee with support to deal with the cultural,  personal , professional , and social challenges they would face during the assignment .