Talent Hunt

Overseas Recruitment

Talent Hunting starts the moment we receive complete job profile from our client. We first go through our data bank, and after completely studying the data, shortlist the desired candidate which is further reviewed by our technical team before the candidate is summoned for a personal interview. Personal interview is preceded by a short written test if required and if the candidate qualifies it, then he is interviewed by our technical team.

One very important aspect of talent hunting is convincing the prospective candidate about the work culture and salary structure of the company. This not only helps us in getting the right talent matching the client’s requirements but also results in greater job satisfaction for the employee.

QED Overseas Recruitment is a different breed of talent consultancy. Driven by a unique philosophy, we think differently and act differently from the pack. We’re here to do one thing: to improve our clients’ businesses by finding, focusing and delivering the most talented people. People who have a truly transformation effect. 

We’re personal by design and specialist in execution. Trusted to do the right thing, we’re patient, transparent and ask the right questions to find the right talent. We’re here for the long term, with a partnership approach that tangibly adds value for some of the Gulf’s most prominent brands. 

QED. The talent hub.